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This is our word glossary

Let's take a look at some words that you may not have a grip on

This is our reference book for all the keywords that you may have come across browsing through our website.

Feedback round -: review + revision -: when a design is presented to review then the finalization of the design complete the feedback round. If any changes needed then revision/refinement will be provided a.t. the revisions offered with selected package.

Brand Definitives -: brand keywords + audience fit -: brand definitives is a collective set of values/keywords that are associated with your brand and your customers traits.

Brand Keywords -: values/adjectives -: keywords that define or attached to your brand.

Audience fit -: customer traits -: how you want your customers to feel when they engage with your brand .

Brand Action -: what/how -: what brand do and how it work/do.

Brand Dynamics -: +ve & -ve factors -: brand dynamics are the things/factors that +vely and -vely effect your brand; your brand's strong points and the weaknesses.

Feedback round
Audience fit
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