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Industry Domain: Architecture & construction
Brand Style: Modish
Brand Interaction: Logo design, identity, graphic essentials, guidelines, iconography.
Brand Keywords: Serious, classic, ambitious, inspiring, steadfast .

Gicta Made

Brand Identity + Guidelines + Iconography

Gicta made is a Warsaw based wall paneling workstation now expanding their base to UK. With an authentic, distinct, and modern approach Gicta is all set to create a new responsible hub for home owners; sensible and dedicated to modern and unique designs. All is possible with a carefully crafed brand identity aligned with the brand's core values and belief system.

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"Truely an expert work! Very clean & clear from the very beginning. I had no doubt in what is right for me after going through their CCB;  the process was on point and delivery was quick ; it was my best experience till now."

Henry Gorski

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