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We are skilled in design & development. Our motive is to fulfill your demand and help you to achieve your creative goals with brilliant ideas rolled in high -end design details, cohesiveness and sustainablility - finally an ideal extension of your brand; adding the word called success.

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Logo: The most valuable assets you can invest in

Your logo will have a huge impact on the first impression your business is going to make: It will give your customers information about your brand and let them know if it’s right for them.

Because your logo is such an essential part of your brand, you want to make sure it’s done well.

Here, we will explore in depth what is a logo, and the importance of creating a logo that represents your brand's personality.

When done right, a logo serves as the face of your business and helps your audience recognize who you are and what you stand for.

trybaby — logo inspiration.jpg

What is a Logo?

In the most simple terms, a logo is a symbol comprised of words, images, and colors that is used to identify a brand or product. Specific types of logos come in all different shapes and sizes that run the gamut from simple text logotypes to abstract logo marks (we’ll go into more detail about those soon).

Mistakes to Avoid !!

1. Lacking in concept & coherence

Always have your logo brief that perfectly represent your brand to your audience while also differentiate you from others out there.

2. The logo isn't flexible enough

To be more consistent always have a range of logos. Always go with a logo suite to have a responsive reach throughout all media channels.

3. Doesn’t appeal to target audiences

Consider your target audience, their preferences when you’re designing your logo - to connect them easily with brand.

4. Too-complex or too -trendy

Today’s trend might just be tomorrow’s cliches: Strive for a distinctive and memorable design. But don't try to express everything; A design with too much detail might be over-stimulating, prompting your audience to swiftly move on. 

Why have a logo suite?

Don’t fall into the common trap of failing to check that your design remains intelligible and effective on different mediums. Counteract this problem by designing a responsive logo. Start by creating a primary logo for large mediums and a secondary logo for small mediums. This maintains a professional presence and strong brand cohesion. The entire suite has a consistent tone because each piece is reminiscent of the Main Logo.

Elements of Effective Logo Design


A logo grabs attention. In a world where people have short attention spans, a logo can quickly capture their interest and communicate your core message. A logo should be simple, memorable, and relevant to your industry and target audience.


A logo is the foundation of your brand identity. Your logo sets the tone for your entire branding strategy. It influences the colors, fonts, styles, and imagery that you use in your marketing materials. A logo should be versatile, adaptable, and scalable to fit different platforms and formats

Logo Design



Standout in the market with a cohesive identity system 

Your brand is a whole experience. Building a brand is about creating an emotional connection with your audience. For your brand every interaction in any form, is branding where the front is the visual elements backed by the strategy. We build brands that creates value.

What’s the point of creating a brand identity, you ask? The point is to use different elements to create a brand personality, to give your brand a voice amid the growing competition.

Birdwingo Brand Identity.jpg

What is included in identity system?

An initial brand identity system must include:

Logo suite-:  Have a range of logos.

Color standards-: A well defined color set /palette.

Font system-: Brand typefaces.


These elements are crucial to every brand/business seeking to make a strong market presence and stand unique compared to the competition.

Mistakes to Avoid !!

1. Not deciding what is important

Start with why your brand exists, what it reflect and where it will make presence. Choose wisely what is first thing to do.

2. Multiple design in low budget

Choose quality over quantity. It is said with good branding you don't have to compete on price. Focus on your audience need.

3. Have multiple styles & moods in your visual assets.

Well-designed brands are cohesive.  maintaining consistency regardless of the mediums. This is only possible if your are certain with your brand style.

Is it time to invest in brand design?

Your brand is the foundation of your business. A unique brand identity helps customers to quickly identify your products. So the first critical step is establishing a customer-based brand identity. The next step is the identification of the ways to build that brand. The areas (media & channels) where your brand comes in contact with your costumers.

Once there is a clarity in the above aspect, you know what you need. Your are ready to hire a designer.

Elements of Effective Brand Identity



The goal of branding isn't to attract everyone; it's to attract the right people that resonate with you & your brand. Be clear of your target market and brand purpose (your why), personality (characteristics that set your brand apart) & presentation (how you connect with & deliver your brand to your audience).


Brand\Branding\Brand Identity-:

By brand, we mean the qualities and reputation of a company. How do people perceive it? Branding: the actions you take to build a certain image of your company. Brand identity: the collection of tangible brand elements that together create one brand image.




Your customer will only be interested if you are consistent

Brand guidelines ensure that all communication and marketing materials created by a company represent the brand in a consistent and accurate manner. Brand guidelines help to create a unified look and feel for all of the company’s communications, which is important in establishing a strong brand identity.

What is included in brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are essential to establishing the unique identity and character of your business.  Think of it like a brand ‘rulebook’ that centralizes the overall look and feel of your brand identity. It should included brand essence, logo guidelines, color standards, typography rules,  An overview of the visual expression and how to use visual elements, graphic essentials, grids & white space rules, imagery and other visual directions.

Should I get guidelines for my Ikon brand?

Brand guidelines are important for any business, big or small, that wants to create a consistent and recognizable brand identity. We need brand guidelines to make a brand memorable, easier to understand and true to itself. 

So, Yes; You definitely need to have a brand guidelines for your Ikon brand. But as a small business is self owned and needs less utilities to brand awareness than a big brand; a styleguide would be ideal for Ikon brands.

Brand Guidelines.jpg

Is styleguide better than guidelines?

Style guides are perfect for everyday use and to send to partners or media. Brand guidelines are much more effective when you are working across creative teams or for internal purposes. It serve as a comprehensive document that outlines the visual and verbal elements of a brand.

Elements of Effective Brand Guidelines


Guidelines\Style guide-:

A brand style guide is a blueprint of your brand's visual elements. It is a 6-8 pages long document. While brand guidelines are rules a business sets for how it presents itself to the public, including its colors, fonts, voice, and design. A 30 -35 pages long document consisting everything & go in to a lot more depth.




Graphic Essentials are foundational to cognitive development

Graphic essentials help you to distinguish you from other brands, portray your brand's message, attract your ideal customers, and be instantly recognizable in the market. These shapes, patterns and stickers are essential part of every brand to create a cohesive and enhanced visual identity.

Graphic Design Trends - 2023.jpg

Shapes & Vector Arts

shapes hold associations in the human brain. This means that adding a deliberate shape to your logo design won't just change how it looks — it'll change how your audience understands and perceives it.

Shape Studies Volume 1.jpg
winter floral illustration - courtney ahn design.jpg
The Content Creator _ Begin Studio.jpg


Patterns are a great way to improve brand awareness and reinforce familiarity among users. A pattern may incorporate icons, logos, or other elements to help serve as part of a brand's visual identity.

Print finishes, printing techniques, branded tissue paper, artist merchandising, art galle
10 X 13_ Polymailers.jpg
Bee's Wrap Sandwich Wrap Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap Sustainable Plastic Free Food Storage.
Studio A _ Brand Design on Instagram_ “A modern, contemporary and luxurious tissue paper d

Stickers & Badges

Stickers are an easy way to get your brand in front of new customers by sharing them in fun environments in a more casual way versus traditional marketing methods.

Slow Goldie branding by Dozy Rose (1).jpg
Bright, Edgy, Modern Travel Branding _ Wildflower Design Co_.jpg
Resources for Humans stickers 👑.jpg
Branding & Menu and Logo Design for Cutlet.jpg
Graphic Essentials



A social media kit is your brand’s superhero costume.

A social media kit contains all the branded materials and resources, such as logos, brand colors, images and graphics, used to promote a brand on social media. It's a useful tool for PR and marketing managers to create consistent and effective messages across all social media channels. a well-built social media kit will provide everything you need to start, or even reestablish, your brand identity on any social media platform and more!

Juno Medical.jpg

Instagram Posts, Stories, Highlights

Our social media kit is a 10 pages document which includes instagram highlights, 5 story & 5 post templates, instagram grid layout, profile logo, facebook cover & linkedin cover with profile  logo, verbal tone.

Brand Identity ⎯ FLOREN Flores & Regalos.jpg
Skincare Highlights.jpg
Social Media


Branding Package

Everything you need with one single package

A full branding package is a collection of all the visual assets you need to create a cohesive and memorable brand identity for your business. It usually includes the following elements:

Logo suite

Color standards

Font system

Graphic essentials



Business card

Social media kit

Brand messaging

Sober Stu-05.png
Chic luxurious home accessories brand logo identity inspo.jpg

Full Branding

Logo Suite

CS + Font System

Graphic Essentials

Guidelines + Iconography


Project Drill

  • Kick-off questionnaire

  • Direction board for palette & logo

  • Finalizing the palette

  • Concept creation

  • Feedback round*

  • Embodiment*

  • Feedback round 2

  • Guidelines

  • Social media kit

  • Brand messaging

  • Feedback round 3

  • Final conduct (delivery + thank you kit)

Full Branding
Bran Refresh



Are you (already) a Successful brand?

Are you expanding/outgrown your current goals/having a shift in your current identity or unhappy with it?

Then this package is for you!

Brand refresh is the most basic type of rebranding and is perfect for businesses that are already successful.

A brand refresh is a makeover that reflects your updated image1It revitalizes the look and feel of your brand without making fundamental changes to your brand2A brand refresh is not intended to fix deep-rooted issues, but rather to address weaknesses in your current brand identity. This may include a brand audit that leads to a partial overhaul of the:

Existing logo or tweaking it a little

Color Palette

Font System

Graphic Essentials

The Bellevue Residences.jpg

Brand Refresh

Logo Suite

Color Standards

Font System

Graphic Essentials


Project Drill

  • Kick-off questionnaire

  • Direction board

  • Finalizing the palette

  • Logo Manipulation (if required) Not redesigning

  • Feedback round*

  • Embodiment*

  • Feedback round 2

  • Final conduct (delivery + thank you kit)



Are you a small business owner?

First question you might have is does a small business need a brand?

The short answer is yes, a small business does need a brand. Branding is not just about having a logo or a slogan, but about creating a unique identity and personality for your business that can help you stand out from your competitors, attract and retain customers, and increase your profitability. 

branding is important for small businesses because it can help to:

Small businesses face some branding challenges like how to build your brand on a small budget, to prioritize the branding elements etc. 

  • Distinguish your business from competitors

  • Make your brand more memorable

  • Build customer loyalty

Ikon Branding: This package is all you need to quick launch your small business successfully.

New Shower Steamers 😍.jpg

Ikon Branding

Checkout the list of items included in below section


Project Drill

  • Kick-off questionnaire

  • Direction board

  • Finalizing the palette

  • Concept creation

  • Feedback round*

  • Embodiment*

  • Feedback round 2

  • Style guide

  • Final conduct (delivery + thank you kit)

  • Logo Suite

  • Color palette

  • Font system

  • Graphic essentials

  • Social media profile logos

  • Insta Highlight covers

  • Business card & thank you card

  • Brand style guide

Ikon Brandin
Fun Subscription Box Photography.jpg

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