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Client Choice Board (CCB)

It is a subsection of Creative take in the questionnaire form provided to you.

Our objective with this CCB is to get the look of your vision and brand parameters which are the foundation stone in creating a strong and creative brand identity; basically, build on your dream.

CCB image.png
We deep-dive into your brand's back story & other aspects. Its more than material for us: the fuel of infinite potential to create a strong branding.

Our design styles: Logo Type 

Though they’re all are a combo of typography and images,

each type of logo gives your brand a different feel. And since your logo is the first thing new customers will see, you want to make sure you get it right.

You must dig deeper into your brand story, customer interest and how you intent to communicate with them (through your logo).


And of course, You need to know what your options are, starting with the types of logos available to you to take into account while choosing the best logo type for your business/brand. 

Pinpointing the right type of logo is a crucial step in the entrepreneurial journey,

Naturally, there is a lot of pressure on this question to answer because the first thing customers will notice is the logo, but we’re here to help dissolve some of that stress and guide you through a few different types of logos to consider, including:

Abstract Line
Combined Mark
Type Manipulation

Logo Style-01.png
Logo Style-02.png
Logo Style-10.png
Logo Style-03.png
Logo Style-11.png
Logo Style-06.png
Logo Style-05.png
Logo Style-08.png
Logo Style-04.png
Logo Style-07.png
Logo Style-09.png

Brand Color Standards: Palette Type 

Not continuing with traditional palette types (mono, analog or triad etc), We are here introducing brands with 4 custom types of palette which makes it a lot more easier to anticipate your brand color needs.

Convenience Point: 

(1) It will help you to explore the different types of palettes your brand can have. (2) You can limit the palette size & brand color scope. (3) It will help us to understand the your preferences for your brand color palette. 

Palette types-01.png
Color palette-11.png
Color palette-13.png
Color palette-14.png
Color palette-15.png

Brand Color Standards: Palette Size 

Since most colors already have emotions tied to them, you can use them to connect your company to specific moods or feelings. Palette of around three to ten colors that are used to represent a certain company/brand.

A consistent and strategic application of brand colors can increase brand awareness and recognizability. That is why it is crucial to choose the right size of your brand palette according to the brand's base signature (mood+values+Audience traits).

Commonly, color palettes are made up of six colors. These colors should include one dominant color, four accent colors, and one standard color for your text (which is usually black or grey).

But each brand have different personality and that's where you need to be very careful about choosing the right size of your palette. Your dominant color is what your customers will forever associate with the brand, so be very careful when reflecting on what this color should be.
Take your time to get inspired, keep the color associations in mind, and see what how many colors should be the right fit for your brand.

Minimal Palette

with only 3 colors this palette is very simple & minimalistic in expressing your brand personality. If you want to focus on fewer colors, go with minimal palette.

minimal palette-01.png

Standard Palette

with 4-5 colors this palette is the standard size for a brand in expressing your brand personality. A well-developed brand should make your audience feel something when they see you. Standard palette is all you need; as 4-5 color are pretty decent to describe the qualities of your brand.

Standard palette-01.png

Expressive Palette

Brand with a fun, joyful energy, like a fitness company or snack brand. An expressive palette with 6 or more colors could work well.

Expressive palette-01.png

Let's make something trendy and cool!

Choose your logo type , color palette type  & size for an enhanced brand experience. Don't forget to checkout brand style & finalizing a style for your brand.

download (10).jpg

Have you finalized everything?

Now its time to work on your brand...

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